Our Boxes

Our range of disinfection devices

The originality of the BYOLA project is based on the design, manufacture and marketing of a disinfection device called “ECRIN”.

For small objects and toys

For medical equipment, medium-sized objects and toys

For large medical equipment

Custom made, according to your needs

Effective disinfection

99,999 %

All germs and viruses linked to nosocomial infections (SARS-COVID, Staphylococcus, Clostridium, etc.) are 99.999% eradicated. UV-C lamps are installed according to a precise methodology.


100 %

The disinfection device (box) is adaptable and modular depending on the equipment to be decontaminated. Its structure meets the different characteristics and demands of our customers.

Monitoring of disinfection with a

Total traceability

A labeling system allows total visual and rapid traceability. This can also be performed by a digital system.

Respect for the environment with

Zero waste

Our devices do not use chemicals and replace all current means of disinfection (wipes / liquids, etc.). They therefore do not generate waste.

Rapid disinfection in

Less than 5 minutes

Disinfection of all germs, bacteria and viruses in minutes. The decontamination times are the subject of a descriptive sheet for each material and make it possible to optimize the residence times in the Ecrin.

Engineering and

Assembly in France

The design and assembly are carried out in France, in Faulquemont (57), near Metz. BYOLA’s administrative headquarters are located in Saint-Romain-en-Gal (69), near Lyon

A disinfection process


Tested and certified by 4 independent laboratories

A range of suitable devices

For all needs

BYOLA disinfection devices from the Ecrin range are suitable for all uses and all areas of activity.

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