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An innovative UVC disinfection process for simple and safe use

Profound changes are affecting our society. It is facing a radical paradigm shift. BYOLA is truly part of a framework of resilience and a new economy of life. 

Our UVC disinfection process

Our engineers have developed a unique UVC decontamination process with an eradication rate of viruses, bacteria and germs up to 99.999%.

Disinfection requires the implementation of important organizational measures that consume resources (human time) and expensive means of protection.

Among the vectors of contamination, we find the supports in contact with the users, such as the means of transport. Stretchers and wheelchairs are all medical devices that allow users to move to different hospital departments (hospitalization, imaging, operating room, specialized consultations).

The disinfection of these devices is essential between each use and requires that an agent be assigned to it. The time spent doing this should be mobilized for the direct care of the users. Practical solutions (see automatic), and quick application contribute to secure our care while spending only a minimum of time so that human resources, representing the real added value, are at the side of our users to bring them the care they require.

This UVC disinfection system is also a vector of sanitary safety by ensuring a quality and a repeatability of the disinfection level.

This problem concerns toys (nurseries, schools), optics and clothing. This list is not exhaustive, as the sectors of activity concerned by UVC disinfection are numerous, they are our daily life.

The principle of our UVC disinfection solution

The BYOLA system can decontaminate up to 99.999% of known viruses and bacteria by UVc.

Ultraviolet radiation (UV), invisible to the naked eye, is an electromagnetic radiation that lies between X-rays and visible light.

Schéma UVC gamme du spectre

Action of UVC disinfection before and after on the DNA structure.

Inactivation pathogène par UVC
Illustration de décontamination

The eradication time, tested and validated by a laboratory (TB-Bio) depends on the nature of the bacteria or virus.

Cycle 1 désinfection
Cycle 2 désinfection
Cycle 3 désinfection
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