Our range of disinfection equipment

The originality of Byola’s project lays on its conception, manufacturing and on the commercialization of a disinfection device called “enclosure”.

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Our range of enclosures

Disinfection of small objects (glasses, tensiometers…)

Disinfection of small and medium sized items : toys, medical devices, smartphones (pediatrics, nurseries, hospitals…)

Disinfection of all types of small or medium sized items as well. Programmable through an app available on smartphones.

Disinfection of small, medium sized or large items of everyday life.

Customized case range

Manufacturing on demand

"Flexible" requests

Disinfection devices for large surfaces, ventilation systems

Effective disinfection up to

99,999 %

All germs and viruses linked to nosocomial infections (SARS-COVID, Staphylococcus, Clostridium…) are eradicated at 99,999 %. UVC lamps are installed according to a precise methodology.

Adaptability up to

100 %

The enclosure is adaptable and modular according to the equipment to be disinfected. Its structure meets the different characteristics (light and removable) and demands of our customers.

Follow-up of the disinfections

Full traceability

A labeling system allows a total visual and fast traceability. The traceability can also be realized by a digital system.

Respect of the environment

0 Waste

Our disinfection enclosures do not use chemicals and replace all current means of decontamination (wipes / liquids …) and therefore do not generate waste.

Quick disinfection

2 to 20 minutes

Disinfection of all germs, bacteria and viruses in only 2 to 20 minutes. The decontamination times are described in a sheet for each piece of equipment and make it possible to optimize the time spent in the enclosure.

Engineering and

assembled in France

Design and assembly are carried out in France in Faulquemont near Metz.

A certified process

Tested and certified by the TB-BIO laboratory (Laboratory of microbiological control of medical devices).

A range adapted to

Every need

BYOLA’s range of enclosures are suitable for all uses and all fields of activity.

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